The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formulated for monitoring the quality enhancement. The committee is formulated based on the recommendations given by National Assessment Accreditation Committee.

Following members are as follows.

1.         Principal                                                        Chairman

2.         Prof. S. K. Mukul                                          Coordinator

3.         Prof. Pramod Kumar                                    Member

4.         Dr. Gajendra Kumar                                     Member

5.         Dr, Rajeev Kumar                                        Member

6.         Dr. Z. A. Sultan                                             Member

7.         Dr. S. K. Mishra                                            Member

8.         Dr. N. N. Mishra                                            Member

9.         Dr. T. K. Dey                                                Member

10.       Dr. Arbind Kumar                                        Member

11.       Dr. G. K. Pandey                                         Member

12.       Dr. Pushpa Kumari                                      Member

13.       Dr. Gopal Jee                                              Member

14.       Controller of Examination                           Member

15.       Librarian                                                      Member

16.       PTI                                                              Member

17.       Head Assistant                                            Member

18.       Sri. S. K. Chaudhary                                   Member

19.       Sri Ajeet Kumar                                           Member

20.       President, College Students’ Union            Member

21.       Dr. Ganwant Kumar                                    Member

22.       Sri Suresh Raushan                                   Member

23.       Sri Shanti Swaroop Sharma                      Member