Name of Department : Zoology
Year of Establishment : 1953
Sanctioned Post : 5
No of Teacher : 1
Contact No : 9430572077


The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments of the college. Apart from that the department is providing quality teaching and research. Its faculty members included Prof. U. S. Srivastava, Prof. B. R. Singh , Prof. R. B. Sharma and many other learned faculty members in their respective fields .

Faculty Members

S. No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization
1 DR FAIYAZ AHMAD (9430572077) M.SC., PH.D. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR (faiyaz266mjk@gmail.com)


S. No. Student Session Agency Year
1 Amit Kumar 2004-07 Railway 2014
2 Tarannum Anwar 2006-2009 Canara Bank 2014
3 Pragati Priyanka 2009-2011 Bank of Brodra 2014
4 VIVEK KUMAR 2010-13 FCI 2017